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01Equinox 18 v1
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11Equinox 8 v 2
12Equinox 3 v1_1
The Equinox Range is another of my early (2001) digital portfolios. I moved to southern Vermont in 1980 and my backyard was this constantly unfolding phenomena of color and light. My origiinal thought was to get my 8x10 Deardorf but the lights were too quick to catch in large format.

When I started making digital images I was able to capture these lights and bring out their full depth. I decided for one of my first projects to make a portfolio of Mount Equinox in all its many moods from sunny and bright to winter ice.

This mountain, located in Manchester, Vermont is the tallest in south western Vermont, 3816 feet. Not that big by some measures, but pretty dominant in this landscape.

All of these images are available for sale as fine art prints for interior decor and for licensing as stock photography.

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