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02Willow_2415  8bit
03E.Hampton Pond 2 v5
04Equinox Pond 1 v1
05Orvis Pond 2 v1_1
07Equinox Pond 2 v3_3
08Willow-2454  8bit
This small portfolio of Reflected Landscapes is my favorite of all the portfolios on the site.

These were among the first photographs that I made when I started digital photography in 2001. The idea came to me around 1980 when I noticed that reflections in small ponds had the wonderful quality of breaking up the light into small patterns of beautiful color. They reminded me of Claude Monet's impressionist paintings from Giverny in the late 19th century.

The difficulty is that ordinary photographs of reflections lack the luminance and depth of color that I was seeing. As a result, I had to put this project off until digital photography became of age.

I finally developed a technique that allowed me to amplify the wave patterns and sharpen them so that they became thousands of small mirrors, each contributing a tiny element to the whole picture. This subtle effect is difficult to see on the web.

All of these images are available for sale as fine art prints for interior decor and for licensing as stock photography.

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