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01Willows in Mist_2504
02Beech1_3497 v4
03Beech1-3523 v2
04Beech 1-3543
05Willow-Double v2
06Maple 3-3549
07Oaks 2-3313 v1
09Willow-2448  8bit
10Pines_3135 v2
11Birch 1-3086 v1
121Willow_2439 v1 8bit
The Vermont Woodlands Portfolio is a collection of images done on commission for the Avanyu Spa at the Equinox Resort in Manchester, Vermont.

Each of the treatment rooms in the Spa was named for a different tree native to Vermont. In the autumn of 2002, I spent a number of weeks finding and photographing these specimens and then making 16" x 24" prints of each image.

All of these images are available for sale as fine art prints for interior decor and for licensing as stock photography.

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