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I believe that the best and most interesting wedding photography comes from the photojournalistic approach. People want to be seen as who they are; relaxed and enjoying themselves on their wedding day, not posing for a photographer. I truly want to be so out of your hair that you'll hardly know I'm at your wedding....Certainly there will be a few private moments with your new spouse that we'll want to capture so you can always remember the tenderness you feel for each other. I'll take you away to a private spot where you can be yourselves, alone with each other when the time is right. But aside from that, I like to be invisible at weddings.

Before your day though, I do like to get to know you both. That's why I try schedule an engagement session (at no charge) before your wedding. We shoot in a relaxed setting: funny, happy, loving pictures that show you when you're not on stage. I also like to get together with you at the wedding site before the day so that we can go over any special coverage that is important to you both. I often find that to be the most valuable meeting I have with a couple. I really do want to capture all of the things that you spent so much time planning together.

If it were up to me I wouldn't shoot any "formals" at a wedding, but let's be realistic....we always need a few so let's try to make them as easy and painless as possible. Either before the ceremony or after, if I have a list of what you need I'll try to do them in a way that doesn't distract you from what you're really there for.

I always have a second photographer working with me at weddings. There is always so much going on, especially the first three hours. It's the only way I know to make sure that all of your special moments are captured.

And last, it's your day, not mine. That means that I stay out of your way but I get the pictures you'll remember for a lifetime. If I can accomplish that, I'm a very happy photographer and you'll be a happy couple.